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Terms & Conditions

Bernice Bing Open Call at Asian Art Museum


Qualifying Artists and Writers 

Artists of any age who reside anywhere. Artists in the nine Bay Area counties are encouraged to apply. 


Submission Process 

  • Artworks will be considered only if submitted through the museum’s online application form, which requires uploading digital files for review by a committee.  
  • Artists and writers must complete the online form in its entirety to qualify for the open call. 
  • Each artist may submit up to one artwork for possible inclusion. 
  • All eligible submissions to the open call will be reviewed by a submissions committee through a blind jury process. The committee may advance or reject any submission at its own discretion. 
  • Works selected for inclusion in the installation need to be ready for viewing at the time of submission. 
  • The Asian Art Museum is conducting the open call process through a third-party website, The museum is not responsible for any sales transactions on this website. 
  • The Asian Art Museum will not offer payment to artists and writers during the submission and selection process, or to create works for consideration.


Submission Format 

  • Video artworks are limited to single-channel videos and must run under five (5) minutes long. 
  • Written submissions must be 250 words or less and submitted as a PDF. (Selected writers will be encouraged to recite and record their work as a video for installation.) 
  • To ensure that the museum can display these video works, artists must submit their works in the form of MP3 or MP4 formats. (IMPORTANT: if your file exceeds the data limit, please attach a PDF with the video link or paste the link in the text field. Videos submitted by e-mail will not be considered.)
  • The museum will provide the audiovisual equipment to run each of the selected video artworks. Artists may not provide their own audiovisual equipment at the museum. 


Review Process 

Submissions will be reviewed for acceptance by a committee of curators, arts administrators, and artists from the Asian Art Museum, Chinese Culture Center, Asian American Women Artists Association, Kearny Street Workshop, and others. Artists will be notified by January if their work has been accepted or declined for inclusion in the open call installation. All decisions by the committee are final. 


Prohibited Content 

  • Works with non-digital components (e.g., painting, sculpture, drawing) 
  • Strobe and flashing light effects 
  • Graphic violence, defamatory or illegal activity, pornographic or abusive material, hate speech, material encouraging violence against others, copyrighted material 



  • The Asian Art Museum reserves the right to use any images of the artworks provided by the artists or their representatives, and to photograph, videotape, extract stills from, and/or otherwise reproduce the artworks for documentation, publicity, publication, education, and other purposes in print or digital form in connection with the open call installation. 
  • The Asian Art Museum assumes the right to reproduce images of the works on the museum’s digital channels (including and its social media channels. These images will serve ongoing documentary, promotional, and educational uses for the museum’s audiences. 
  • The public may take photos of works for personal, non-commercial use only. 


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